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ACEX lifehacks. Mission possible – Work with the Oversized Cargo  

31.07.2018 : Россия

Experts of the transport logistics companies responsible for the delivery of oversized project cargo cannot depart from the intended plan of action and in the case of new input should promptly solve problems.

1. Mesure once, cut twice

The size matters in freight delivery, and in regards to the oversized cargo even more ... Cargo size is the initial in the preparation of the transportation plan. This depends on the permission for transport, the choice of route and type of transport.

2. The direct route

The transportation route is inscribed in the permit for cargo transportation, and any deviation from the route will entail heavy fines for violation, as road services closely follow specialized equipment and keep their eyes open.

3. The suit fits

Oversized equipment is made with an eye toward further movement, that is why the fixing points are marked and center of gravity is specified.

4. The car is not a luxury, but a means of transport

The choice of equipment involved in the transportation is determined in advance by the nature and size. In some cases, it is necessary to order special heavy cranes, and sometimes even floating ones, because of the lack of infrastructure in the ports.

The services responsible for the issue of permits are Department of Highways in Estonia, Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) in Russia, similar services in other countries.

Each transportation has its own characteristics, and there is no universal solution for everyone.

Here are some practical examples from the logisticians' life of the non-standard approach to oversized items delivery:

Hundred-ton Absorber Column

The one-hundred-ton oil column moved to the Paldiski port for 3 consecutive nights, since it occupied a width of both strips, and a special permit made it possible to dismantle road signs and structures that prevented cargo from movement. The transportation was organized by ACEX Estonia experts. The truck reloading and loading to the ship took another 5 hours.

Floating Crane

ACEX specialists in Hong Kong used a floating crane for in-port cargo forwarding - a boiler weighing more than 80 tons and having length of 15 meters. There was no equipment for overloading oversized vehicles in the port.

Lowbed Trawl

ACEX chose 20'FR container to transport the cutting machine from Shanghai to Tallinn and then loaded it on lowbed trawl to avoid oversized height, saving on additional permission.

Project transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most exciting types. The conditions that must be met are changed every time, and obtaining permits and the delivery route are directly related to the characteristics of the cargo.

Do not forget that there is nothing impossible, and the truck can be taken by plane, whatever you want! But will it be economically feasible?

Experts of logistics companies with an "eye and an integrated calculator" come to the rescue. They are ready to consider all factors choosing a route, mode of transport and the type of mounting. They pay attention to permits on the route and offer the most profitable options.

Details at: https://acexgroup.net/en/activity/2227/

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