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CARGO EXPRESS (ACEX Alliance member) gives advice How to handle Temperature Controlled Cargo  

09.06.2018 : Россия

Сargo shipment with temperature maintenance is just one more kind of transportation, conditions that should be known and implemented. The basic modes in cargo transportation are +2 +8 С and –18 –20 С.

ACEX Moscow knows those modes, as well as the rules and regulations that should be observed. ACEX organized the air transportation of medical components from Johannesburg to Moscow for one of its clients.

Yuri Orlov "Traditionally, the temperature scenario is required for such types of goods as flowers, vegetables/fruits, medical products, biomaterials", - says Yuri Orlov, the Airfreight Department expert. He is responsible for sending laboratory reagents to the client of the company.

Special Sensors will track temperature changes

The constant temperature is needed on all cargo transit. Cars for perishable cargo are equipped with special sensors that can track the temperature variations in the car. Modern technologies allow to monitor the temperature online.

Specialists put refrigerant or carbonic ice in a container with the goods to ensure the safety of products. Carbonic ice falls under the category of dangerous goods, so in order to avoid problems with the registration of the cargo, ACEX specialists recommend frozen gel. A refrigerant is a kind of insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Expenses will Increase, but the Cargo will not suffer

Transportation of perishable goods is carried out at the special rates of airlines, and the terminal fee is increased, since it is charged from the first day of placing the goods at the terminal. The terminal fee for the general cargo is paid starting from the third day of the goods location at the terminal. If it is necessary to store the goods in the warehouse, the cargo stays also in the refrigerator. There is a special note about the nature of the goods in the air waybill, and the customs requires special permits.

Many freight carriers deliver "cold" goods from a warehouse to the airplane in a car with a temperature regime, and the construction of the aircraft allows you to set the necessary temperature in different compartments of the plane. Some ACEX agents have special units handling "cold cargo" shipments.

Upon arrival at the place of destination, the priority is given to the "cold cargo". The cargo is placed in a warehouse, where the storage starts immediately.

What should you pay attention to!

  1. Each stage of transportation must be under the temperature regime
  2. It is necessary to have a cargo owners' phone for communication in case of force majeure
  3. All documents should be checked in advance in order to avoid delays
  4. Perishable cargo is always sent to the consignee, having been notified of the arrival, so that the cargo reached its destination intact

Do you want to bring a "cold cargo" to Moscow or send it to the US? ACEX will tell you how. A successful experience is available.

Details: https://acexgroup.net/en/partners/news/2181/

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